Student Voices, Lived Experiences

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2024 Symposium Series

The Student Voices, Lived Experiences Symposium Series will feature several events centered upon the work of community and university partners working with youth on critical issues they confront in their daily lives and on their experiences in schools and neighborhoods. Each event will feature the lived experiences of youth in their voices and from their perspectives, as well as from the perspectives of adults in their communities. Co-sponsored by PennGSE’s Office of School and Community Engagement and HEARD (Hub for Equity, Anti-Oppression, Research and Development), there will be 4 events throughout the 2024 year.

2024 Symposium Series

Join Field Center Faculty Director Dr. Caroline Watts and the Office of School and Community Engagement at Penn GSE for the 2024 “Student Voices, Lived Experiences” Symposium Series

February 2024

Student Perspectives on Mass Incarceration

May 2024

Youth Documentary Film Explorations of Gun Violence

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February 2024: Student Perspectives on Mass Incarceration (in collaboration with The Workshop School)

The Workshop School’s 10th grade students led a city-wide gathering of youth to explore the history, statistics, and policy on mass incarceration and its impact on them.

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May 2024: Youth Documentary Film Explorations of Gun Violence (Shameka Sawyer’s 5 Shorts Project)

“Bout Mine I Matter Full Circle” is a succinct documentary that focuses on the profound experiences of three individuals: a survivor of gun violence, a person directly impacted by such violence, and an activist with a history of incarceration. This film aims to provide a comprehensive and insightful perspective on the issue of gun violence. A screening of this film was followed by a Q&A session with our youth participants, the producer, and activists featured in the documentary.

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Fall 2024: Film Screening and Discussion on the Opioid Crisis

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Fall 2024: From Foster Care to College (The Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice & Research)

For students in or aging out of foster care, transitioning to higher education can be especially challenging without resources and support. As the majority of youth in foster care aspire to attend college, effective policies and practice should be implemented to promote enhanced college attendance, retention, and graduation. This session will feature a panel of college students and graduates, each with experience in foster care, to share their insights about how the transition from high school to college and beyond can be supported for this population.

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