TO AND THROUGH HIGHER EDUCATION: Innovative Approaches to Meeting the Needs of Students in Foster Care

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With resources and support, students with experience in foster care are more likely to access and succeed in higher education. New research in Pennsylvania highlights common barriers and challenges experienced by students and campuses alike in getting young people to and through college. Longstanding problems require innovative solutions. In this webinar, Dr. Donald Miles will share findings from his dissertation “A Study of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Schools’ Support Systems for Emancipated Youth Who Desire to Obtain a Bachelor’s degree”. Following, you will hear from passionate professionals who are rejecting “business-as-usual” approaches and getting creative in ensuring that youth in foster care can reach their higher education goals.

What You’ll Gain

Attendees will gain knowledge in understanding common barriers to higher education success for students with foster care experience. Data on service utilization on university campuses will be shared. Participants will hear about concrete ideas and resources that can be implemented to positively impact youths’ higher education outcomes. This session has been approved for 2 Social Work Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for the event cost of $25.

Who Should Enroll?

This webinar is geared towards anyone working with high school students in or aging out of foster care. Professionals who would benefit include child welfare caseworkers, Independent Living workers, K-12 educators, LEA Foster Care Points of Contact, attorneys/GALs, CASAs, and more!

Key Topics

  • Campus Programming for Students with Foster Care Experience
  • Barriers to Higher Education Success
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • Resources for Student Success

More Info

NOTE: THIS IS A FREE WEBINAR. Only attendees seeking CEU credit need to pay the $25 fee. Use Coupon Code FC2CFREE if you are NOT seeking a CEU certificate.

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