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About the Webinar

Every student who gets into college wants to graduate, but not everyone does. For students who have experienced foster care, access to resources, support and guidance is key to ensuring higher education success. Having mentored hundreds of students from pre-orientation to commencement, speaker Dr. Suzanna Richter hones in on the key skills students need to succeed in college and graduate—as well as efficient ways to practice them. This webinar discusses those skills, how to work on them, and introduces a new pilot program that provides 1-on-1 undergraduate preparation and guidance for the students with foster care experience who participate. The webinar is also a call to action, as anyone who went to college is a college mentor and can provide advice to students heading to, or who are in, an undergraduate program.

What You’ll Gain

Attendees will gain knowledge about the hidden curriculum and key skills students need in college to graduate. The discussion will also include the quickest way to develop these crucial skills. With this information, attendees can then talk about the concepts with the students they serve and be a deliberate part of the solution to improve higher education outcomes for students with foster care experience. Additionally, participants will learn about issues students experience between high school graduation and higher education matriculation so that they can be aware of, and help prevent, common problems. This session has been approved for 1 Social Work Continuing Education Credit (CEU) for the event cost of $15.

Who Should Enroll?

This webinar is geared towards anyone working with high school students in or aging out of foster care. Professionals who would benefit include child welfare caseworkers, Independent Living workers, K-12 educators, LEA Foster Care Points of Contact, attorneys/GALs, CASAs, and more!


SUZANNA RICHTER, PHD is the Director of College100.net. She has spent 20 years working at colleges and universities in Pennsylvania. For 8 years, she was an Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, PA) and has taught undergraduate courses for 18 years. Her passion for advising college students and deep understanding of campus life and academics inspired her to provide individualized college preparation and mentoring to help students in southeastern Pennsylvania earn a bachelor’s degree. Dr. Richter holds a BA and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Key Topics

  • College Preparation Programming for Students with Foster Care Experience
  • Mentoring/Coaching Students the Summer Before and Throughout College
  • Student Success as Undergraduates
  • Preventing Summer ‘Melt’

More Info

NOTE: THIS IS A FREE WEBINAR. Only attendees seeking CEU credit need to pay the $15 fee. Use Coupon Code FC2CFREE if you are NOT seeking a CEU certificate. You will be prompted to create a FREE PennPath account after placing this course in your cart and proceeding to checkout.

Please visit the Field Center’s Foster Care to College Resource Library to learn more: www.fostercaretocollege.org