What We Do

The Field Center is dedicated to change and offers hopes to victims of child abuse and neglect through a multidisciplinary approach.

By integrating the fields of social work, law, medicine, nursing, psychology, and others,  The Field Center offers help and hope to abused and neglected children through policy and practice improvement, education and training and advocacy and research.

Child abuse is a problem for all of us. There are 3 million reports of child abuse made each year, one every 10 seconds. It is estimated that the actual incidence of child abuse is three times greater than what is reported. Across the country, more than four children die each day as a result of child abuse. Of the 1,500 – 2,000 children killed each year by their caretakers, over half die after they have come to the attention of child welfare agencies.

This is where The Field Center makes a difference.

  • Convening local, statewide and national stakeholders to find practical solutions.
  • Facilitating legislative policy and legal initiatives.
  • Furnishing assistance in critical child welfare cases.
  • Access national experts to promote systematic change.
  • Providing multidisciplinary training through local symposia, national conferences and think-tanks, and agency-specific consultation.
  • Conducting and disseminating ground-breaking research.
  • Offering expert consultation in policy and practice.
  • Promoting child advocacy.
  • Educating and mentoring future welfare leaders.

Our presence is felt everywhere: in the child welfare system, state and federal legislatures, the court system, non-profit community, education, and the community at large.